Collective Budget
We manage about a dozen campaigns for large national brands and consistently eclipse the 8 figure annual mark in value of ad space. This collective budget is unique and gives our clients buying power that they could not reach alone. Our discounts are the best in the business. Our clients national footprint and ability to pick and choose helps to keep the publishers in line. The result is fair treatment and the best rates!

   Price Traps
Pricing traps are the norm with sales reps and CMR’s. They realize the importance of a good Yellow Page program to a successful business and use this knowledge to typically force rates up. Every year they demand that you buy larger ads or threaten a rate increase. Due to our every-growing collective budget we are able to more effectively manage the Price Trap technique employed by the publishers.



Yellow Page sales reps and CMR’s typically operate with a winner-take-all mentality. The goal is typically to sell the most expensive ads in as many publications as possible without regard for the advertisers bottom line. This approach may deliver the occasional monster pay-day but rarely spawns long-lasting partnerships.

We consistently eclipse the 8 figure mark of ad space bought each year. The collective budget of our clients gives us buying power unmatched in the industry. The result is the best rates in the business for our clients.

CMR’s and sales reps offer "discounts" that are really the normal rate in an effort to sell more ad space. After the initial smoke and mirrors, they threaten to remove these discounts if your company doesn’t buy larger ads next year. This tactic forces you to increases your budget and causes your cost per customer to increase. If you are lucky enough to run a successful campaign, this tactic will eventually remove the profit from your program.

The discounts available as a result of our collective budget are substantial and unmatched in the industry. These discounts make us very popular with our clients. If you are looking to reduce the cost of your current program or interested in launching a new Yellow Page campaign, then our discounts can help deliver the results your company is seeking! 


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