Common Mistakes
Publisher mistakes are the norm in the yellow page business. Without proper management these mistakes will go unnoticed and uncompensated. We make sure that all ads publish and publish correctly. We demand repayment for all mistakes. Without proper management these mistakes are missed and your company pays for ad space it shouldn’t. Our management puts an end to unnoticed publishing errors.
Complex Issues
There are many complex issues when dealing with so many moving parts. Managing a yellow page program has many more layers than managing a paid search or direct mail account. There are over 14,000 directories and most have different guidelines, closing times and ad specs. One wrong move and your company will be shut out. Our experience and professional management eliminates the rookie mistakes from your yellow page. program.



Will this work? Are we paying too much? Is our ad too big? These are obvious questions, that can only be correctly answered with experience. For every obvious question or issue, there are several more complex issues to address. Yellow Page programs are far too important to try to have  employees or outside sales people attempt to manage. For everything a CMR or sales rep can sell you that might work, there is another piece of advertising that is a money loser. For every obvious category or tactic there is a handful of tactics unknown or not understood to the typical CMR or sales rep. Without the proper experience in place to manage your program, mistakes amd missed opportunities are certain.

We have decades of combined experience, dealing with more than a dozen clients in every industry ranging from insurance, electronics to home services. We know where the traps are. We know exactly how to deliver premium placement. There are 150 CMR’s and thousands of local sales reps that will try to sell you large ads everywhere. We are a unique consulting firm in the directory industry that will advise you on what not to buy and how to get the most out of your budget. 


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