Common Mistakes
Publisher mistakes are the norm in the yellow page business. Without proper management these mistakes will go unnoticed and uncompensated. We make sure that all ads publish correctly. We demand repayment for all mistakes. Without proper management these mistakes are missed and your company pays for ad space it shouldn’t. Our management puts an end to unnoticed publishing errors. Complex Issues
There are many complex issues when dealing with so many moving parts. Managing a yellow page program has many more layers than managing a paid search or direct mail account. There a 14,000 directories and most of have different guidelines, closing times and ad specs. One wrong move and your company will get shut out. Our experience and professional management eliminates rookie mistakes.



Dealing with several publishers publishing 14,000 directories featuring millions of businesses and residential customers can be extremely challenging. Going in to such a complex business without help or experience will certainly lead to wasteful spending and missed opportunities.

We save your company money, deliver more customers and are able to tackle the enormous workload because of our decades of combined experience. Top-notch companies employ the best accounting, legal and business management available and these same types of companies have partnered with us to offer the best directory and Yellow Page management.

Your company could try to manage its own program and buy ads from a CMR or sales rep but the result would be a higher rates and a need to hire several employees to take on the work load. Other large companies do this but they make many rookie mistakes that we enjoy exploiting on behalf and for the benefit of our clients. We have the staff, experience and connections to launch and manage a very successful program of BUYING ads on behalf of your company without the mistakes, headaches and wasteful spending that a sales-driven relationships present. Whether the goal is the highest percentage of ROI, a lower percentage ROI with a higher total sales volume or premium branding, we will deliver the results you seek. 


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