One-Step Ahead
We keep your company one step ahead. Our research delivers the knowledge of what your competition did last year and what they are doing now. They are most likely blindly buying ads. Our research and placement tactics are designed to exploit this weakness. The result is more customers for our clients and less customer for their competition. Partner with us, get the edge and dominate your competitors!

  14,000 Directories
Maintaining and dissecting such a large and ever-changing library is simply not cost effective for one company trying to manage a yellow page campaign. We have about a dozen national clients and the cost average makes this library expense manageable for us. The result to the client is a unique tactic that delivers top-notch results. 



Ask a yellow page sales rep or CMR if they provide research and the will almost certainly hand you a chart or send you a power point presentation. Their idea or research is what most rational people would call sales or marketing tactics.

Real Yellow Page research requires a library of the 14,000 directories publisher last year, the new directories being published this year and an experienced team to dissect these directories. What happened last year and what is happening now are important pieces of information when buying profitable ad space. Our team knows what happened last year and what is happening in real-time. This process makes us unique in the industry and is not offered by sales reps or CMR’s. This task is very challenging and requires a large investment on our part but it is worth every penny. The end result to the client is optimized ad placement and the peace of mind that there are not ads bought that are too big or too small. If your company wants premium placement, elimination of wasteful spending or to fully exploit each opportunity, then our unique in-depth research is an absolute must!

We provide this service at no extra charge at our clients request. This tactic makes us unique and gives our clients a major advantage over their competition!



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